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Pole in Private/Mobile Parties/Workshops



Girls Night/Private Parties


Yaaaassssss! Fun with the girls!


Valentines Day, Mother's Day (yes, it's happens), Birthdays, Divorce Parties, or its just "Ladies Night"- LETS GO!


Parties are a great way to celebrate, and just have a great time with your friends, and maybe get some "interesting" photos!


Pole, Chair, and Floorwork in a fun relaxed class setting. Click below for more info.


*Client responsible for venue & venue cost

*Venue must be approved for safety/regulations prior to booking.




Ready to let go? Get addicted to moving your body and expressing your sensual side. $40-$70 


Classes are 1x1; Meaning there is no reason to feel shy, or intimidated. Sessions begin with a body strengthening warm-up that will prepare you for the day's activity. Followed by a soothing and refreshing cool-down.


Sessions are always focused on your goals (strength, flexibility, fluidity, weight loss).


These sessions are 1-2 hrs. 


*Pole Split Sessions have a max of 2 ladies during 1 appointment $70-$100












Workshops/Pole Meetups/Private Classes


Workshops are held throughout NYC...


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*All "payments" are Donations . Thank you.

Pole in Private






Are you in the New York City/Metro area? Do you already own a pole at home? 

Well, I can travel to you! $90


You can "Pole in Private", or host a "Pole- Split Session" with a friend at your place!

Sessions are always focused on your goals (strength, flexibility, weight loss).


Session times vary. 


*Pole Split sessions have a max of 2 clients during 1 appointment. 


Can't get to my spot? That's okay; I'll meet you online!

Skype Private- 1x1 Pole session via. Skype. 1.5hrs.  Includes conditioning warm-up; Focused session, & cool-down; Or we can focus on learning/perfecting spins or (Beg/Int.) tricks. 


...all from the comfort of your home!







Pole Rentals/Buy Xpole


Need a pole for a night two?  Or maybe It's time for you to own your own pole. There's nothing like being able to dance or practice whenever you want!


If you are in the New York City/metro area, you can rent a pole. We offer two types of XPole for rental:


SPORT: Static only (does not spin)

$100 per day/ $80 additional days


XPERT: Offers spin/locking mechanism.

$150 per day/ $100 additional days


  • Poles can be rented a maximum of five days.

  • Renter is responsible for pick up, And drop off.

  • Deposit of full pole purchase price is required. After pole is returned, in it's original condition, the balance will be refunded.


*Late fees may apply.




Personalized Apparel


Like Rhianna says "Come and put your name on it!"


Have your favorite polewear and gear personalized. 


We design logos, and put them on your favorite things. Or we can partner to create a design you have in mind.


IPad cases, phone cases, T-shirts, Shorts, gym bags... Really anything you can think of can be decorated.


Prices vary, depending on size and materials.


Want something already prepared? We have T-shirts available to represent how much you love pole!







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