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The "Pole Tutor"

Tamara Star

My "Excited You Got That Move" face :-)
...followed by a silly dance

Are you new to pole? Are you shy? Would you like to feel more of a connection with your body, while improving your fitness?  


OR Are you already taking classes and need some 1×1 attention; Maybe even time to practice what you've learned? Are you a self-taught Poler, and could benefit from an extra set of eyes? A spotter? Would you like to take your skills to the next level?


Maybe you're a trained dancer, that wants to try a new style of movement?


The Private Spot is my home studio.

What began as my childhood playplace- where my imagination blossomedand what has transformed into my private movement studio as an adult.


Here you can be be 100% comfortable with your body, and individual movements. 


I offer private sessions that focus on your personal needs:

No matter your size, weight, or experience with dance/fitness. You will gain something special each visit; while having a fun.


Sessions always include a body conditioning warm-up, as well as cooldown and/or a partially-choreographed freestyle.


Sessions can include or focus on:

•  Flexibility
•  Dance
•  Technique
•  Weight loss/toning/fitness
•  Strength

•  Body/Overall confidence


…or just putting it all together, and making it flow.


* Video recording of your freestyle is permitted.
* Packages available

You know how you try something, and you're like "ok, that was fun"; and you don't think much of it anymore?

That is completely the opposite  feeling I have towards pole dancing!


When I began pole, I started in my apartment, in a tiny corner in my living room. I was 218lbs, and had no interest in fitness.


Growing up, I was always on the slimmer side.  Somewhere between dating my boyfriend, getting married, and side effects of birth control, I managed to move from 130lbs, to 218 lbs.


The weight kind of "snuck up" on me. I didn't realize how much I'd gained, until I saw an old picture and did not recognize myself.


I immediately joined my nearest gym. I went as much as I could; Sometimes two times a day; I discovered was that actually liked working out.


While looking online for home exercises, and female body transformations, I came across YouTube videos of women (with various body types) pole dancing.  Some were even doing it in their homes! I had to get a pole! I did some research and ordered a Lil'Mynx Removable Pole; named her "Black Mamba" and began to teach myself how to pole dance.


Before I knew it, I was hooked. I would be bruised, and sore, but I saw something in myself that I had never recognized: I could be sexy, and I was getting stronger. My muscles were becoming visible, and fat was decreasing. I realized that combining gym activity with practicing pole allowed me to quickly drop pounds. Just in time for my wedding...


Now, I am a seasoned Poler.  I've taught movement at various studios in NY, and Virtually.


I am certified in Elevated Pole Fitness (2018), and Liquid Motion (2020). I am an anatomy geek, and am working towards earning my certifications in Nutrition, and Flexibility.

I am self titled the original "Pole Tutor".


I have performed in various showcases including Flight Club Sultry Summer (2012), and the Grand Opening of Sweetwater Yoga Studio's- Pole launch (2014).


I have no professional dance experience- Only the love of this life-changing art. I am also a self-taught designer creating polewear, and the creative fuel behind Adorn the Box.


...To sum it all up, I am absolutely in love with pole dancing, and LOVE sharing it. I'm excited for my progress every day, and the growth of my clients. I cant wait to share the Private Spot with you! 


...Now, enough about me. What questions can I answer for you?



What my mirrors look like when

I'm rehearsing for a performance.


Welcome to the Private Spot!

I cant wait to meet you! -Tamara

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