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My First Class: As a student

Class #1 is usually a humbling experience for most. After class one (maybe that night, or a day), the awakening of muscles that were once non-existent kick in. Bruising may appear. The perception of this activity being "easy", is corrected. Some people are excited, and motivated, and others walk away like a pup with their tails between their legs. Maybe they even have a "new found respect for strippers"; or they decide, pole is not "their forté", and they'd rather spectate.

After months of self teaching, and courage building; I took my first class with Amy Kim at Shockra studio in New York City. I was nervous. Sure to this day that I was still the heaviest and jiggliest person in the room. But, I felt so imporved. I had lost a good 12 lbs. and I was ready to take my home learnings to the next level.

Class began, and we all sat on our mats. Amy began by asking everyone (individually) what our names and goals were. She noted these things in her phone. When it was my time to speak, I exclaimed "I want to be more flexible, and compete!". To this day, I'm not sure of where this inner animal emerged from (because I'm really friggin' shy). She said oook, and nodded; Not in a "you can't do it" kind of way, but looking back, I'm sure she could see the naiveness behind my answer. I can look back at this and laugh. I had absolutely no idea how much work was involved, and how much discipline, and training this would take. I had no formal dance training and had not been leading an "active lifestyle".

Nonetheless, I stuck with it. This is my passion.

For me, it was kismet, and always rewarding to learn something new. As a student, I'm eager to face my challenges, and perfect my opportunities; Today, as an instructor I love to introduce people to pole. I love teaching beginners. I love the look of determination, motivation, and their faces when they are pleased with something they have done. That "proud mama" moment, when my beginners spin one handed, and begin to move and dance in their uninhibited, relaxed state =)

I am still, and will always be a student of pole; even as a teacher. There are so many things to improve, and always something new to learn, create, or perfect. I am committed to training and strengthening my body, and putting in the time it will take to be a better pole artist and teacher. I've even had my first performance!!

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