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Defending Your (own) Honor!

I never thought I would have to DEFEND or EXPLAIN MY HOBBY**-

I can help but to go there. I LOVE pole, and all the things it's done for me. I have better confidence, am more fit, and am not shy to talk about it!

What is not 100% surprising, but annoying is when I come across someone who is uneducated in pole fitness. They automatically place me in a room, scantily dressed, pumping Luke (music), popping my booty, practicing different ways to grab dollars with my body parts!

I think I speak for all pole dancers when I say "We get it... We recognize where pole dancing was originated". The first time I had ever saw a woman dancing on a pole, she was a stripper. She was mesmerizing! She was caucasian, dancing to Indi Arie's "Brown Skin". It was the most captivating thing I had seen!

I appreciate that while I focus on doing something that translates to beauty- actually helps me see it in myself; that im losing weight, and defining muscle.

And yes, we may sometimes twerk, and "floorfuck" (sexy floorwork); It's clean, adult fun, and it may even help to shape a dancer's persona. My favorite pole artist aren't afraid to embrace their lay humps, and put it in your face!

...And still, there are so many remaining layers to them.

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