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What to Expect/Class Setup: In Person

Lots of time people don't realize how challenging pole can be!  Rest assured there are plenty of sexy moves that don't require a ton of strength or muscles to pull off!


Besides, most people want to achieve movement that allow them to feel empowered, and beautiful. My clients range from women who are very strong, some have extensive dance backgrounds, to women that admittedly "can't dance". Here, you will learn not only pole work, but how to engage yourself and express the part of you that makes you proud. It is a complete confidence booster.


When you #POLEINPRIVATE, you are allowing yourself the privacy, and freedom connect with yourself, and do beautiful things.


...All while getting a great workout!


Class begins with a body strengthening warm-up, and ends with a dance and cooldown.



What is the maximum number of students permitted in the class?
The Private Spot was designed to be a 1x1 based experience. However, 2 students can participate in the session. At this time Sessions are only available to females.


The Studio has up to 2 poles and 1 instructor per class. You will have pole time, privacy,  and individual attention if you have an organic "Private".  


Is the class suitable for my fitness level? Am I too heavy?

There is no standard for pole dancing classes in many countries, states and provinces, and the term "beginner" is relative!


In some beginner classes students are able to climb and doing one handed spins by their 2nd session,  Regardless of size, shape or fitness level, every session will offer some challenge, and success.


Here, we use Xpoles.  They are professional-grade poles that can accomidate persons up to 250lbs.


What do I wear to class?

Ballet/jazz slippers or bare feet are encouraged. I perfer to learn in jazz /ballet slippers, then dance/freestyle in heels. Pivoting (turning) on bare feet may be rough on you soles, on this page there is a link to a Capezio jazz shoe. This is a great option that does not limit climbing.


I only recommend shoes if you are comfortable wearing them, and never during your first (ever) class.


Dance attire such as fitness shorts, sports bras, tank tops are appropiate. Think about what would be comfortable and practical for you.


What is your refund/cancellation policy?

Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds. 


Cancellations must be made 24 hours prior to appointments. You session will begin at the time of your appointment, and will end 90/120 minutes from start time.  There is no late entry beyond 15 minutes.  After that time, your appointment will be cancelled, 



Please use Paypal or any major credit card reserve your appointment(s). This will garuntee a hold on your requested time. 


Please set up your Paypal account at prior to requesting your appointment time. This process usually takes 24-48 hours for Paypal to confirm your banking information. Donations must be made to the email address


If you have booked a group class (yourself +1), and the other person does not come, the additional amount will not be refunded.


Please send any additional questions to


See you soon!






• In my experience, a maximum of 2 students per session could be a good number for a pole dancing class. This allows you to have brief periods of rest so you don't become exhausted, but not so much that you cool down too much, or become frustrated when learning moves.


• Another benefit to having a pole partner is that you'll be able to watch your "pole buddy" as they learn and practice the moves, which can give you some good insights into your own technique =)


Often, friends can give each other invaluable feedback when working together in a class setting.

Most importantly, think about your reasons for wanting to take pole dancing classes. Is it primarily for fitness? To find "your sexy"? To learn how to move with grace, and beauty? Or, just for fun?? Your answers to these questions will help you decide what a good student to teacher ratio will be.


Life happens! Missed classes may be made up in some cases. This is to the studio's discression, and can only occur three times within a four month window. The class can be automatically terminated, and you will not be allowed in if you are more than 15 minutes late.

Ellie Heels w. Removable Ankle Strap

Welcome to the Private Spot!

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