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March 3, 2016

**#1- ITS NOT EASY**-I walked into my first class class, sat down, and protested that "I would be competing in USPDF"... Simply clueless! I had no idea that these women that I had watched on YouTube (for the most part) had been active all of their lives. Lots of these women had dance experience, training in fitness, or even gymnast/circus-trained. I saw an appreciated someone's work; and didn't have a clue as to how much work had been actually put into it.


*#2**- ...kinda bounces off of my first reason: **IT HURTS & IT'S SCARY**- let's be clear. I was never the type of girl to shy away from a challenge, or the crybaby when I got hurt while playing with the kids; but there's something "sobering" about falling to the floor out of a cross ankle release (just because of a little moisture); Or using your skin from your most tender body parts to challenge the rules of gravity, or rely on those body parts to support your entire weight. I get tons of new bumps, burns, and sometimes broken skin and bruises that I've earn while learning pole.  As sick as it sounds, I wear them like badges of honor.


**#3- EVERYone's BODY IS DIFFERENT**- My first instructor had no prior dance experience, and was my all time favorite. She had to tell me to go to another studio, because I never wanted to leave her. I would show up every Thursday, prep my mat, an look at her with big eyes filled with admiration, ears and brain receptors ready, body prepared for a whipping. Although she claimed she was not flexible; and maybe in her mind, she wasn't. In my mind, she could fold like a piece of paper. Everything she did looked effortless. I KNEW that if I stayed with her, I'd be on top of the game. I would try to flex and fold as she had, and I even began to believe that she became annoyed with me because she thought I wasn't trying hard enough. I tried so hard. I believe now that I've done some permanent, physical damage to my left inner-knee attempting to push into a split. The greatest thing I learned in her class that everyone had individual limitations; and that **desire could never out-weigh patience, and proper training.**


**#4- I WOULD HAVE TO DEFEND or EXPLAIN MY HOBBY**- I can help but to go there. I LOVE pole, and all the things it's done for me. I have better confidence, and it overwhelms me with joy to talk about it! What is not surprising, but annoying is when I come across someone who is uneducated in pole fitness. They automatically place me in a room, scantily dressed, pumping Luke (music), popping my booty, practicing different ways to grab dollars with my busy parts. I think I speak for all pole dancers when I say "we get it, we recognize where pole dancing is originated". The first time I had ever seen a woman on a pole, she was a stripper. I appreciate that while I focus on doing something that translates to beauty, that im losing weight, and defining muscle. So yes, we may sometimes twerk, and "floorfuck" (sexy floorwork); It's clean, adult fun, and it may even help to shape a dancer's persona. My favorite pole artist aren't afraid to incorporate "booty".


**#5- IT WOULD AID IN THE TRANSFORMATION OF MY LIFE**- I'm friggin' strong, and I have an awesome amount of endurance. Why? Because of training; *not just pole*, but I'm in the gym pretty hardcore. Six days a week, maybe twice in a day plus teaching/training other and taking classes. Yes, pole forces you to learn control, power, and develop endurance; but I want more. I have an image in my mind as it how I want to look. I also don't believe in teaching what I can't do with confidence; and I know that it takes strength and power to do a lot. When