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March 3, 2016

**#1- ITS NOT EASY**-I walked into my first class class, sat down, and protested that "I would be competing in USPDF"... Simply clueless! I had no idea that these women that I had watched on YouTube (for the most part) had been active all of their lives. Lots of these women had dance experience, training in fitness, or even gymnast/circus-trained. I saw an appreciated someone's work; and didn't have a clue as to how much work had been actually put into it.


*#2**- ...kinda bounces off of my first reason: **IT HURTS & IT'S SCARY**- let's be clear. I was never the type of girl to shy away from a challenge, or the crybaby when I got hurt while playing with the kids; but there's something "sobering" about falling to the floor out of a cross ankle release (just because of a little moisture); Or using your skin from your most tender body parts to challenge the rules of gravity, or rely on those body parts to support your entire weight. I get tons of new bumps, burns, and sometimes broken skin and bruises that I've earn while learning pole.  As sick as it sounds, I wear them like badges of honor.


**#3- EVERYone's BODY IS DIFFERENT**- My first instructor had no prior dance experience, and was my all time favorite. She had to tell me to go to another studio, because I never wanted to leave her. I would show up every Thursday, prep my mat, an look at her with big eyes filled with admiration, ears and brain receptors ready, body prepared for a whipping. Although she claimed she was not flexible; and maybe in her mind, she wasn't. In my mind, she could fold like a piece of paper. Everything she did looked effortless. I KNEW that if I stayed with her, I'd be on top of the game. I would try to flex and fold as she had, and I even began to believe that she became annoyed with me because she thought I wasn't trying hard enough. I tried so hard. I believe now that I've done some permanent, physical damage to my left inner-knee attempting to push into a split. The greatest thing I learned in her class that everyone had individual limitations; and that **desire could never out-weigh patience, and proper training.**


**#4- I WOULD HAVE TO DEFEND or EXPLAIN MY HOBBY**- I can help but to go there. I LOVE pole, and all the things it's done for me. I have better confidence, and it overwhelms me with joy to talk about it! What is not surprising, but annoying is when I come across someone who is uneducated in pole fitness. They automatically place me in a room, scantily dressed, pumping Luke (music), popping my booty, practicing different ways to grab dollars with my busy parts. I think I speak for all pole dancers when I say "we get it, we recognize where pole dancing is originated". The first time I had ever seen a woman on a pole, she was a stripper. I appreciate that while I focus on doing something that translates to beauty, that im losing weight, and defining muscle. So yes, we may sometimes twerk, and "floorfuck" (sexy floorwork); It's clean, adult fun, and it may even help to shape a dancer's persona. My favorite pole artist aren't afraid to incorporate "booty".


**#5- IT WOULD AID IN THE TRANSFORMATION OF MY LIFE**- I'm friggin' strong, and I have an awesome amount of endurance. Why? Because of training; *not just pole*, but I'm in the gym pretty hardcore. Six days a week, maybe twice in a day plus teaching/training other and taking classes. Yes, pole forces you to learn control, power, and develop endurance; but I want more. I have an image in my mind as it how I want to look. I also don't believe in teaching what I can't do with confidence; and I know that it takes strength and power to do a lot. When I'm teaching, it is invaluable to my students when I break down down a move in a way that individual can "get it". This has made me interested in learning about the human body mechanics and muscle groups, while teaching others to recognize their muscle groups and body parts to ensure less chances of injury.


I also have an interest in personal training, and fitness/bikini modeling. I'm sure you know, those bodies don't come from eating junk. It takes hard work and dedication; all of which can only benefit the average person, and leverage a pole dancer. **When I began pole, I weighed over 200lbs**. I was confident because I finally had big boobs, and a booty. I was always super-skinny with no womanly curves, and curviness did not run in my family; But being in my early-mid twenties, and out of breath when I walked up the stairs to my 3rd floor apartment was not what I wanted for myself. Although I love food (sweets immensely), I had some decisions to make; Choices that I make and improve upon daily; that is to change my lifestyle. I choose to eat clean, and train dirty!




I'm pretty sure that if I had known these things before I began pole, I would have made better choices sooner. I'm very sure I would have been more love for myself and my body, than I had offered in the past. I still have goals, I'm still here, and enjoying every part of it!



**I want to hear from you. What do you wish you had known before becoming a pole dancer/enthusiast?**